Quiet Hacker News

  1. QUIC and HTTP/3 Support Now in Firefox Nightly and Beta (hacks.mozilla.org)
  2. Squarespace S1 (sec.gov)
  3. Garry Kasparov launches a community-first chess platform (techcrunch.com)
  4. GANcraft: Unsupervised 3D Neural Rendering of Minecraft Worlds (nvlabs.github.io)
  5. Luca App: CCC calls for a moratorium (ccc.de)
  6. What I Wish I Knew About U2F and Other Hardware MFA Protocols (goteleport.com)
  7. Flashlight: Fast and flexible machine learning in C++ (ai.facebook.com)
  8. SpaceX wins contract to develop spacecraft to land astronauts on the moon (washingtonpost.com)
  9. Tesorio Is Hiring a Data Architect, Senior DevOps, Senior Data Scientist (tesorio.com)
  10. U.S. House committee approves blueprint for Big Tech crackdown (reuters.com)
  11. Unifying the CUDA Python Ecosystem (developer.nvidia.com)
  12. A top audio engineer explains NPR’s signature sound (2015) (current.org)
  13. Why has no one made a better Goodreads (uxdesign.cc)
  14. FTP is 50 years old (filestash.app)
  15. Collection of Quotes on Notation Design (github.com)
  16. Vugu: Vue-like frontends in pure Go, HTML, and CSS (vugu.org)
  17. SiFive Tapes Out First 5nm TSMC 32-bit RISC-V Chip with 7.2 Gbps HBM3 (tomshardware.com)
  18. Standard Notes is a safe place for your notes, thoughts, and life's work (standardnotes.org)
  19. 'Whitest ever' paint reflects 98% of sunlight (bbc.com)
  20. The Contradictions of Joseph Conrad (2017) (nytimes.com)
  21. Nobody is joining Google's FLoC (theverge.com)
  22. Facebook prevents sharing New York Post story on BLM co-founder's real estate (newsweek.com)
  23. Why bumblebees love cats and other beautiful relationships (longreads.com)
  24. List of Emerging Technologies (en.wikipedia.org)
  25. How Should We Critique Research? (gwern.net)
  26. SBA executives ‘beyond doubt’ that teleworking employees are more productive (federalnewsnetwork.com)
  27. Kelly Criterion (en.wikipedia.org)
  28. Coding Qualitative Data (hirund.in)
  29. Epic Games certificate expiration incident report (epicgames.com)
  30. My Go executable files are still getting larger (cockroachlabs.com)

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