Quiet Hacker News

  1. Amazon Fake Reviews Scam Exposed in Data Breach (safetydetectives.com)
  2. Searching the web for under $1000/month (quickwit.io)
  3. "To our surprise" (scholar.google.com)
  4. Termite Is Obsoleted by Alacritty (github.com)
  5. The Opportunists (theatlantic.com)
  6. Decentralized trust graph for online value exchange without a blockchain (2017) (web.archive.org)
  7. Rufus: Reliable USB Formatting Utility (github.com)
  8. Analytics Suggest 96% of Users Leave App Tracking Disabled in iOS 14.5 (macrumors.com)
  9. Bird song sonographs show distinct drawing patterns (soundshader.github.io)
  10. WebAIM: Screen Reader User Survey #9 (webaim.org)
  11. AtoB (YC S20) – Stripe for Transportation – hiring early engineers and operators (atob.com)
  12. JavaScript for Shell Scripting (github.com)
  13. Happy Hacking: Music Implementation in NieR:Automata (2017) (platinumgames.com)
  14. Anime2Sketch: A sketch extractor for illustration, anime art, manga (github.com)
  15. WinBox: Modern window manager for the web (github.com)
  16. Directory of Open Access Journals (doaj.org)
  17. Transactional memory similarity to garbage collection (realworldtech.com)
  18. Racket 8.1 (blog.racket-lang.org)
  19. Grain: WebAssembly-First Programming Language (infoq.com)
  20. A Historical Perspective on COBOL (2020) (logicmag.io)
  21. Pencil Project – open-source GUI prototyping tool (pencil.evolus.vn)
  22. Modern C and What We Can Learn from It [video] (youtube.com)
  23. The origin of Covid: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box? (thebulletin.org)
  24. Shifting the impossible to the inevitable: A Private ARPA user manual (benjaminreinhardt.com)
  25. An Introduction to Glyphs (1998) (chanae.walon.org)
  26. How pharmaceutical companies find sick users on Facebook (themarkup.org)
  27. Illumos to drop SPARC Support (github.com)
  28. Worg (Emacs Org documentation) maintainer needed (orgmode.org)
  29. Threaded Code (complang.tuwien.ac.at)
  30. Like Uber, but for cremations: I made a $2m funeral startup and became a monster (theguardian.com)

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